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The Village Drill is the leading piece of technology in the fight against poverty. Thanks to recent generous donors, It’s For Africa now has one!

There are no examples of communities that have eliminated poverty without first solving their scarce and contaminated water issues. In most developing regions, there is not a lack of water, just a lack of access. The Village Drill easily drills through nearly all strata, down as far as 297 feet to access the clean sustainable aquifer water, thus allowing prosperity to take hold for tens of thousands more people in Uganda. Pure water makes every other humanitarian project better and allows for more enterprises and better crops. Having the Village Drill is the tool to win the war on poverty.

And better yet, It’s For Africa has partnered with experienced drillers through another trusted non-profit located in Gulu, Aid Africa! Under the able leadership of its Executive Director, Peter Keller, Aid Africa has been providing sustainable enterprises and projects to help the most indigent villagers in Northern Uganda for over 10 years, including providing cable style shallow wells. As we and they continue to receive donations for the actual boreholes or wells, ($2,000-$3,000 per site), countless more villages will gain access to life-saving aquifer water through the Village Drill.

Heartfelt gratitude to our donors, to Aid Africa, and to WHO Lives, the foundation behind the Village Drill,

IFA – It’s For Africa!

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