The Volunteers at It’s For Africa

In order to maximize the impact of the donations made to It’s For Africa, our team members volunteer their time and talents without receiving any compensation. Because of this, every penny of the donations to Its For Africa goes directly towards the cost of digging wells, helping Celestial Hands with feminine hygiene and women’s needs, or supporting Remedy Uganda for better village health. Donors may designate which project they want to support!
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Pam Moore, Founder and President

Currently living in Texas, Pam (and Brooks) spent nearly two years in Uganda.  They loved working with and serving the people through various organizations. Besides providing thousands of people with sustainable aid, they helped instruct Ugandans on best practices to walk out of their poverty.   Back in the States, Pam rallied countless volunteers to make thousands of reusable feminine hygiene kits and mustered other life-changing resources for health clinics. She has been instrumental in teaching many skill sets, such as making Ugandan dolls from discarded water bottles or creating vibrant cloth flowers.  These small enterprises (using local resources) have provided income as well as dignity and pride for the people. When the IFA focus shifted largely to water availability, Pam hand-picked a team of exceptional Ugandans to develop their own deep well drilling enterprise using the Village Drill equipment donated by IFA.  As Deep Water Well Drillers continue to expand, they are providing the most vulnerable with lasting aquifer water AND for them a sustainable source of income.
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Lindy Larkin-Price, Vice President

Lindy grew up in Lima, Peru during a dictatorship and constant terrorisim.  She saw first hand what it was like to live in a third world country with significant personal needs and poverty. Lindy moved to the United States when she was 18 year. She has five married children and twenty grandchildren. In 2009 Lindy was asked by Christian Community Action to teach English to the local Hispanic community.  This volunteer service instilled a desire to help those in challenging situations. She later got involved with the organization 'Days for Girls' in 2018. She personally oversaw the completion of 500 kits. After all that hard work she decided to go to Uganda and distribute the kits personally. Since then she has been to Uganda 3 times not only to help with distributing feminine hygiene kits, but to also educate young girls and women. While there she taught sewing skills to enable families to provide for themselves and be self-reliant.
She currently is working with an orphanage in Uganda to provide school uniforms since that is the only clothing most of the children own.  She works with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to collect fabrics, sewing machines, tools, and basic necessities to distribute in Uganda.  Lindy has a huge love for the Ugandan people and wants to help in any way she can.  Her passion is quilting, sewing, cooking, baking, and dancing.

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Dan Ferguson, Board Director

A university professor for 32 years at Michigan State, Brigham Young, and Pittsburg State University, Dan started working internationally in 1989 by taking his wife and four children on an 8-month adventure to Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. During this time, he realized that people in the poorest of circumstances could be happy, have strong families, and learn to rely on themselves. For years after that, he led student groups to do service with international charities in various countries. Most recently, he did church service in Uganda before a heart attack sent him back to Texas. He continues to serve Africans through his time volunteering with It’s For Africa and has been a vital link in fundraising as well as networking with other key NGOs and drilling enterprises. Dan is an outstanding facilitator and brings many fresh ideas to the Board for consideration.
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Catherine Fredericksen, Vice President  Emeritus

A busy mother of six, Catherine has always enjoyed serving in her church and community. She became a key leader in IFA’s partner charity, Days for Girls.  Catherine has traveled many times on service expeditions to Uganda and developed a great love for the people of Uganda.  She was indispensable in IFA’s initial development and its public relations.  Without Catherine, IFA would have never become a success.

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Every donation, whether great or small, helps Ugandans walk out of poverty.  When donating, you may specify in the donor comment field which focus is of greatest interest to you.