About Celestial Hands

IFA Vice President Lindy Larkin-Price is the founder of Celestial Hands, a group that instructs school age girls in reproductive health and feminine hygiene. This keeps them in school providing an education. Sewing skills are taught to women to build marketable skills to produce financial independence. We provide tangible resources to schools and orphanages to meet basic necessities improving their quality of life in school.

Vision Celestial Hands: Uplifting Women and Children

Mission: Empowering women and girls in Uganda to create self-reliance for themselves and their families and instill the value of education

Hygiene Kits

 Many girls will likely drop out of high school because they are unable to control their monthly cycle. They often try dangerous techniques to stop the bleeding so they can continue attending school, but this causes infections and other diseases. Many don’t understand why they menstruate. Combining education on the female reproductive system with feminine hygiene kits provides powerful tools to help them stay in school. We can stop the cycle of poverty and give them a brighter future. Also, educating them on the male reproductive system and sex helps them understand the risks of being sexually active. This includes understanding unprotected sex that can lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Skills Instruction

Many women are left with many children to provide for themselves, by teaching them to sew we are creating marketable skills.  Celestial Hands provides sewing tools and instruction to promote opportunities for success.  We teach basic skills to those starting out and advanced techniques to those with experience.  Combining sewing skills with the need for feminine hygiene kits has been particularly successful.  Creating the kits locally reduces the total cost of a kit and provides income for local women.

Supporting Schools

Celestial Hands has organized a project to assist an orphanage in Kyajja, Uganda that is in dire need of basic necessities to support a clean and learning environment. This includes clothing, school uniforms, shoes, socks, sweaters, benches, toilets, water well, etc. Most girls only have one uniform and no other clothing.

One way you can help


One of the skills these women learn is how to sew dolls to be sold to local tourists. These dolls are made from a recycled water bottle and fabric scraps.
For anyone interested in ordering a doll please reach out to
Dolls ordered in the USA will be handmade by Lindy Larkin-Price founder. Using African fabrics brought from Uganda.All proceeds benefit the production of feminine hygiene kits. 


Please Donate Today

There is great need in Uganda to support the many women and children in need.  Celestial Hands is organized to provide specific services to this group.  Combining education with tools for success is what drives Celestial Hands.
100% of donations earmarked for Celestial Hands will go to this project.

Contact us: email for Celestial Hands and Its For Africa

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