Shallow Water Wells: Only a Temporary Solution

Africans Digging a Shallow Well
Africans Digging a Shallow Well
For years, many organizations have donated shallow water wells to African villages to combat the extreme water supply shortages. This has alleviated a lot of suffering over the years, and IFA (It’s For Africa) partnered with different charities on these projects as well. However, due to the lack of education about shallow water wells in Uganda, and the accessibility of free wells, 80% of shallow water wells become non-functional because they dry up or lacked proper maintenance. Shallow wells are also more likely to become contaminated. Deep water wells, on the other hand, are less susceptible to contamination and drying up. However, big rig drilling companies charge $15,000-25,000 per site, which is neither affordable nor practical for many villages as the accessibility for big trucks and machinery is limited.

Deep Water Wells in Uganda: A Long-Term Solution

Deep water well drillers in kampala
Benefits of drilling deep water wells:
  • Pure water available all year-round
  • Less susceptible to contamination from ground bacteria 
  • Is a permanent source of pure water

Our long-term solution to the water shortages in Africa: 
Drill deep water wells and empower the people to maintain those wells, ensuring that the wells function and serve their communities for years to come. By training the villagers to properly care for the wells, the donations from our generous benefactors become more than a one-time contribution: it becomes a gift that keeps on giving, providing water to thousands of people and enabling them to escape poverty.

As our team became educated on the advantages of deep water wells, the advantages amazed us, and we realized that the larger investment of one deep water well that would last a lifetime was worth far more than the shallow water wells that would soon dry up or become contaminated. Making the switch not only made sense; it was the best way to positively impact thousands of lives. We became passionate about this long-term solution. When we miraculously received funds to purchase the necessary equipment, we dedicated our organization to drilling deep water wells for the people of Uganda. 

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Every donation, whether great or small, helps cover the cost of digging a well in Uganda and makes a significant contribution to providing clean water for African villages.