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During a 2017 expedition to Africa

We realized the people had no clean drinking water. Something more needed to be done about the filthy contaminated water most commonly accessible in villages. Every DAY, 6,000* children die from contaminated water!  Providing clean water  was the motivation to form It’s for Africa (IFA).  We wanted to change lives and you can too!

Donations and Volunteers at work!

Erin Fredericksen and Chloe Moore pumping clean water. Notice the cut down recycled water bottle used as a funnel to conserve flowing water.

To provide a well or borehole site in a village it costs It’s for Africa approximately $2,000. In our first two years we were able to provide six clean water sources for several thousand people in villages across Uganda.   Not bad for a small nonprofit involved in 11 other health and enterprise projects. With the generous support of donors and volunteers we’ve been able to have a big impact in the areas we serve.

You can learn how to help @itsforafrica.org or on Facebook.

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