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The great value of the Village Drill

The great value of the Village Drill is readily visible: it is easy to operate, easy to transport, easy to assemble — in less than an hour! — and it can penetrate through almost all strata down to 297 feet so pure aquifer water becomes a permanent source of clean water for villagers! Unlike the giant rig drilling that cost tens of thousands of dollars more per site, this Village Drill is more economical and can be transported in a pick-up truck down foot paths to villages the large rigs can never reach. 91 drills are successfully operating around the world. More than 5,000 wells or boreholes have been put in, providing clean water for millions of people.

It’s For Africa’s dilemma was raising $25,000 needed to purchase the Village Drill plus the additional fees for training, spare parts, transportation from port to Gulu Uganda, import fees, etc. that estimated $11,000. We did not think a nonprofit our size could reach such a goal. And yet … through Divine Providence and generous donors, as of this week the full amount has been received! We are now working closely with The Village Drill team (WHOlives.org) as well as Aid Africa, which will have full rights to storing, maintaining and doing the actual drilling.

WE have been humbled by the generous donations and support of our growing community. The purchase of the Village Drill will make a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people in the Gulu region. It’s For Africa’s mission is advancing and your continued donations will help to provide the labor and actual well or borehole for indigent villages as well as other projects. Thank you for your ongoing support!

You can learn how to help @itsforafrica.org or on Facebook.

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