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In October 2017, Flower Mound High School requested that our president, Pam Moore, do a service related presentation to four of their senior English classes. Her power point shared the harsh life in Northern Uganda as well as how It’s For Africa is making an impact in the region. We have partnered with Days for Girls supplying feminine hygiene kits as well as water and sanitation projects. By the end of the day, students were asking their teachers if they could assist in the classroom preparing these kits.

ROTC helping to unload Rhodes moving truck!

On December 4, after weeks of preparation, Days for Girls and It’s For Africa volunteers met with 360 seniors for this massive service project. Students prepped, sewed and serged bags, liners and even the difficult shields as they made Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits and It’s For Africa Birthing Kits.  Their enthusiasm was remarkable. They truly felt the spirit of serving others. Some requested to come back to do more, and others asked if they could skip lunch! This was from the boys! The boys were totally into serving women around the world in this unique way! The principal called Lewisville Independent School District administration to come and see our amazing all-day event that took up six classrooms. They did, interviewing me as well as a couple students and teachers and they are preparing an article for all of LISD.

It’s For Africa also received in-kind donations from students for the Birthing Kits as well as emailed requests to do other kinds of service — again from the boys!

This activity was a LOT of work, but what could be more rewarding than seeing young people totally engaged in a good cause, and high school guys showing reverence for one of the challenges of womanhood! Every volunteer heart was filled with joy as they watched the service commitment of these students. Following is a thank you note from the head of the English department:

“I don’t even know where to begin. I hope you have things put away and somewhat back to normal since our “little” project here at school. I cannot tell you how much our kids LOVED working with Days for Girls and IFA!, participating in our day of service learning! The last sewing machine was picked up yesterday and the last of supplies from my house are put away and waiting for the next time.

“I am sure I have no idea the number of hours and the amount of work that went into getting ready for our day. I am so thankful to you and your volunteers for making this happen for us. Our students are forever changed. It will be a long time before they forget their work here and the difference they made in someone else’s life.

“I am so proud of the students who participated and how respectful and hard-working they were on Tuesday. They have mentioned things about that day all week.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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